December 2014

Tankyrase specific inhibitor G007-LK licensed to Millipore KGaA


The Tankyrase specific inhibitor G007-LK has been licensed as a research tool to Merck/Millipore KgaA. G007-LK has unique specificity to the catalytic PARP domain of tankyrase1/2 and a favorable PK/PD that make it an excellent research tool for in vitro and in vivo studies.


November 2014

Patent on tankyrase specific inhibitors granted in US jurisdiction


The patent “Triazole derivatives as Wnt signaling pathway inhibitors” (EP2649063 A1) that has been filed by SFI-CAST researchers Daniel Holsworth, Jo Waaler, Ondrej Machon, Andrey Edward Voronkov and Stefan Krauss has been granted in the US jurisdiction.


October 2014

Prize for best poster to a PhD student from SFI-CAST


PhD student Tor Espen Torvaldsen from Harald Stenmark's group, was honored with a prize for the best poster presentation at the international EMBO Workshop on “Wnt Signalling - Stem cells, Development and Disease”, held in Broome, Western Australia, from the 6th-9th of October. Tor Espen Torvaldsen received a prize for the best poster with the title "Elucidating the molecular mechanisms and dynamics of G007-LK-induced formation of beta-catenin containing destruction complexes".


April 2014

Annual report SFI-CAST 2013


The Annual report for 2013 is now published

Annual Report 2013 


February 2014

Joint publication between SFI-CAST researchers on the effect of tankyrase inhibition in osteosarcoma cells


Wnt/â-catenin is a major regulator of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation and this signaling pathway is aberrantly activated in a several cancers, including osteosarcoma. The publication demonstrates for the first time that tankyrase inhibition triggers reduced cell growth, differentiation and an induction of let-7 miRNA of osteosarcoma cells. Tankyrase inhibition may open for novel therapeutic strategies in the treatment of malignant osteosarcomas.
The paper was published in Cancer Med 2014 Feb;3(1):36-46. PMID:24403055


January 2014

First Industry-Industry collaboration in SFI-CAST result in joint publication


The novel EpCAM-targeting monoclonal antibody 3–17I linked to saporin is highly cytotoxic after photochemical internalization in breast, pancreas and colon cancer cell lines

Link to the article published in mAbs



Dagens Medisin: Helseprioriteringene blir enda mer krevende


Dagens Medisin 3.Desember: Helseprioriteringene blir enda mer krevende

Leder for Norsk Kreftgenomikkonsortium, Ola Myklebost, (nestleder av SFI-CAST) fant nylig en bestemt mutasjon hos lungekreftpasienter som det var mulig å gi leukemi-legemidler mot. 



SFI-CAST workshop 22nd of November



09.00 - 15.30


8. nov. 2013

Dissertation and trial lecture: Jo Waaler - Kreftbehandling og kreftbiologi


Trial lecture

GSK3β as an integrator of multiple signaling pathways during normal development and cancer

8th of November 09.15, Seminarrom 1 B2.U001, Oslo universitetssykehus HF, Rikshospitalet


M.Sc. Jo Waaler: Development of specific tankyrase inhibitors for attenuating canonical Wnt/β-catenin signaling.

8th of November 11.15, Seminarrom 1 B2.U001, Oslo universitetssykehus HF, Rikshospitalet


14-15 October 2013

The 10th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Networking Meeting, Oslo


The 10th Annual Norwegian Stem Cell Networking Meeting will be held on October 14-15

For more information visit NCS


August 2013

Gunhild Mælandsmo's latest paper to be published in BJC


In this prospective study, covered in "Clinical significance of disseminated tumour cells in non-small cell lung cancer", Mælandsmo et al. have investigated the presence of DTCs in the bone marrow collected from 296 patients with stages I–IIIA NSCLC undergoing curatively intended surgery, using both IMS and ICC. In addition, 81 bone marrow samples from healthy volunteers were investigated using IMS.

They have compared the results from the two methods, investigated the associations with clinicopathological parameters and examined the prognostic impact of the presence of DTCs.

This paper has been pre-published in the British Journal of Cancer's advanced online publication 13th of August 2013. 


14th - 16th July, 2013

Wnt Symposium 2013, Heidelberg


June 2013

Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda head of project group "Translational Genomics"


Senior Scientist Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda from Ola Myklebost's group "Molecular characterization of mesenchymal cancer" has become head of his own research group called "Translational Genomics". This research group is divided into to focus areas; Genetic and epigenetic networks of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation and Integrated analysis of genetic and epigenetic changes of human sarcomas.

By identifying and characterising the specific transcriptional programs active during differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells "Genetic and epigenetic networks of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation" work towards a better understanding of the blance between stemness and differentiation and its deregulation in cancer.

Integrated analysis of genetic and epigenetic changes of human sarcomas togheter with different EuroBoNet (European Network of Excellence for Bone Tumours) preclinical osteosarcoma panels (cell lines and xenografts) focus on unveiling pathways and transcriptional and gene networks in osteosarcomas (bone tumours) and the way these are controlled.
The analysis of Leonardo A. Meza-Zepeda's group has already identified the importance of epigenetic silencing in controlling gene expression.

For more information see the homepage for "Translational Genomics"



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