6-9 September 2013

PARP 2013 Quebec


Join us for the 19th Conference on ADP-ribosylation!

The organizers of the PARP 2013 meeting are pleased to announce the 19th Conference on ADP-ribosylation.

The past three years have seen significant progress in our understanding of poly(ADP-ribose)-mediated pathways in a wide range of cellular functions. Notably, in the last couple of years, dynamic groups carried out research in several area including:

-PARPs / PARG structures and their respective activation mechanisms
-Crosstalk between ubiquitination and poly(ADP-ribosyl)ation
-Identification of new pADPr-binding motifs and structural insights
-Therapeutic applications of PARP inhibitors in cancer
-PARP-1 and gene regulation
-Further characterization of novel PARP family members
-The development of mass spectrometry targeting ADP-ribosylation sites
-Identification of new pADPr-dependent chromatin regulators and DNA repair factors

The conference will bring together attendees from all over the world. Come and join discussions that will help to determine key aspects of future research efforts.

Program for PARP 2013