Ola Myklebost

Dr. Ola Myklebost– Assistant Director
Molecular characterization of mesenchymal cancer development
Dept. of Tumor Biology
Institute for Cancer Research
Oslo University Hospital,
The Norwegian Radium Hospital
Tel +47 22 78 17 79



The Mesenchymal Cancer Biology Group are studying sarcomas, malignant tumours with mesenchymal characteristics, and focus on osteo- and liposarcomas, as well as normal mesenchymal stem cells as model systems. Our CAST projects involve identification and characterization of stem-like cells in sarcomas, and the involvement of stem cell pathways in sarcoma development.



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The microRNA let-7 is considered a tumor suppressor
and a regulator of stemness and differentiation, and is
normally highly expressed in well differentiated tissues.
The expression of let-7 is frequently lost in cancer, which has prognostic value in a wide range of cancers, and
let-7 replacement therapy shows great potential as a 
cancer therapeutic.

To date let-7 isoforms have not been fully characterized in sarcoma, so we are focused on determining expression level in a panel of liposarcoma cell lines. We are also investigating the effect of introducing let-7 mimics in chosen LPS cell line models to study the effects on growth rate, cell stemness and differentiation, in order to evaluate whether let-7 replacement therapy is also beneficial as therapy for sarcoma. We also examine the role of let-7 miRNAs in aggressive breast cancer cells, and found that they reduce cell growth as well as the cells capacity to generate spheroids in vitro. Furthermore, we have performed global analyses of the transcriptome and the proteome to identify changes that may explain these functional effects. In parallel, we have also analyzed the global effects of reducing the let-7 target gene HMGA2, which is an embryonic gene encoding an architectural transcription factor that is associated with the stemness program.

The comparisons identified some interesting differences that may enlighten processes involved in the balances between cell stemness and differentiation. Wnt/β-catenin signaling is frequently up-regulated in osteosarcoma and is thought to contribute to the disease. We have evaluated the effect of tankyrase inhibitors JW74 and JW55 on osteosarcoma cell lines, both at the molecular level and at the functional level. Interestingly, we have shown that the drug has the ability to induce differentiation in cell lines which have a block towards differentiation, thus enabling poorly differentiated cancer cells to overcome their resistance to differentiation, which may render the cells more susceptible for standard therapies.



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