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Dr. Harald Stenmark
Intracellular Communication 
Dept. of Biochemistry
Institute for Cancer Research
Oslo University Hospital, 
The Norwegian Radium Hospital
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Receptor signalling guides the maintenance and fate of stem cells and their progenitors, including renewal, proliferation and choice of differentiation pathways. Dysregulated receptor signalling is associated with oncogenesis and is probably a central cue in the development of cancer stem cells.

Our group studies receptor signalling and how it is attenuated by endocytosis. In particular, we have been studying epidermal growth factor (EGF), a strong proliferative signal, and  how EGF receptors become endocytosed and degraded after EGF binding. Ligand binding causes ubiquitination of EGF receptors, and we have identified and characterized a ubiquitin-binding endosomal machinery that recognizes ubiquitinated receptors in endosomes and mediates their sorting to lysosomes. Preliminary studies suggest that components of this machinery serve as tumour suppressors, and we are now performing further studies to characterize the functional mechanisms of endosomal sorting complexes in receptor downregulation and tumour suppression.

As model systems we use cultured human cell lines as well as Drosophila models for cell signalling and oncogenesis. Confocal microscopy is central in our work, and in addition to characterizing stem cell relevant signalling pathways we will also contribute to the SFI project by characterizing the intracellular localization and trafficking of relevant cancer stem cell markers.



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Harald Stenmark
Professor, group leader

Tor Erik Rusten
Scientist, project leader

Lene Malerød
Post doc


Viola Lobert
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The group works on a molecular dissection of the Wnt signaling pathway, with focus on components of the endocytic pathway.
Recent evidence suggests that endosomal sequestration of inhibitory factors is a key event in Wnt signaling, and the group is exploring this further as a possible target for therapy.
The group is also collaborating with the Krauss -group on understanding the dynamics of “destruction complexes” involved in negative regulation of Wnt signaling, and how these respond to inhibitors of the Wnt pathway.



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