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Dr. Elsa Lundanes
Analytical Chemistry
Dept. of Chemistry
University of Oslo
Tlf: +47 22 85 55 53

Dr. Tyge Greibrokk
Analytical Chemistry
Dept. of Chemistry
University of Oslo
Tlf: +47 22 85 50 27


Dr. Steven Wilson
Analytical Chemistry
Dept. of Chemistry
University of Oslo





We are developing highly sensitive and selective capillary LC-MS methods for potential novel drugs in different types of organs as liver, kidney, plasma etc, in cooperation with Stefan Krauss and his group, in order to determine if the drugs reach the target organs and for pharmacokinetic studies.

We are also developing miniaturized liquid chromatography methods for identification of proteins, especially membrane proteins, in cooperation with Iver Langmoen and his group. Novel separation technology in the nano-flow region will be explored for the ability to separate the hydrophobic membrane proteins.

On-line multidimensional capillary liquid chromatographic methods with mass spectrometric detection of peptides have already been developed for identification of the proteins.


ctive in CAST 

Hanne Rødberg-Larsen
Post doc

Helle Malerød
Post doc

Tore Vehus
PhD student


The Lundanes-group has developed analytical tools and methodology for sensitive determination of metabolites which may be potential cancer biomarkers, such as oxysterols. The methodology is currently being used to study interplay between central signal pathways such as Wnt and Hh.

The Lundanes-group is currently also focusing on mass spectrometric methodology combined with in-house synthesized chromatography columns. Application areas are development of targeted proteomics for accurate and precise determination of central proteins in Wnt and Hh, as well as post translational modification analysis.



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