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Dr. Joel Gløver
Dept. of Physiology
Institute of Basic Medical Sciences
University of Oslo
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In vivo imaging is an important tool for following the fate of tumor cells and potential tumor stem cells in animal models.  One of the goals of CAST is to develop labeling and imaging protocols that facilitate non-invasive in vivo cell tracking at the highest possible spatial resolution. 


We are currently developing protocols for labeling primary tumor cells and tumor cell lines with superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) beads. We are also testing the differentiation and behavior of SPIO-labeled cells both in vitro, using conventional microscopic techniques, and in vivo, using small animal MRI.  High-resolution imaging will facilitate the localization of early metastatic events and thereby provide an opportunity to assess the cellular characteristics of the cells that seed them, a potential route towards identifying tumor stem cells in action.





active in CAST:


Doreen Leung, Post doc

Jean-Luc Boulland, Post doc

kristin Andersen, Post doc

Mrinal Joel, PhD student

Susanne Ström, Post doc

International consultant:

Scott Fraser, California Institute of Technology




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